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Welcome to real PAIRenting!

We are so happy that you are here. We know that parenting is hard. We also know that as LGBTQ families, PAIRenting is real hard.

As parents, it is difficult knowing the "right or best" way to handle parenting situations. As LGBTQ parents, sometimes we feel stuck and isolated. Most other families don't look like ours which makes it hard for us as a family to feel accepted and embraced.

Knowing you have a community where you are accepted, respected, validated, empowered and loved can make all the difference.

real PAIRenting is here to support you in feeling confident and accepted so that you can give your kids a great base for self esteem and security.

The best part of our real PAIRenting community is connecting parents that are just like you for support, normalization, camaraderie and mentorship.

Here is where we can say:

“Ahhh I have found my people. This is my tribe”.  

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