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OUR Mission

We provide support and empowerment to LGBTQ families

by connecting parents that are just like you.

WHO WE Serve

Sometimes LGBTQ parents can feel alone and marginalized.  They can feel rejected by the larger community and feel as if they don’t fit in. Sometimes it’s hard to find families to connect with that look like yours.  Parenting is so hard and a lot of times we can question if we are doing things right.  


Real PAIRenting grew out of the need that I have seen for LGBTQ parents to feel accepted and confidant in their parenting skills and strategies.  As an LGBTQ parent myself, my hope is this community is a place for you and your family to be accepted, respected, heard, empowered and LOVED.  

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Enjoying a Beautiful Day Outside

I am passionate about helping parents address their issues and find places of support for their journey.  None of us were taught how to be a parent and how to meet the demands of parenting.  


The best part of our real PAIRenting community is connecting parents that are just like you for support, normalization, camaraderie and mentorship.


Here is where we can say:

“Ahhh I have found my people. This is my tribe”.  

Lesbian Couple with Son
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